The German Association for Aligner Orthodontics is opening its Doors to New Members

The DGAO is now offering orthodontists and orthodontic training assistants membership.

The objective of the Association is training and education in the field of treatment using transparent plastic splints (aligners) and the promotion of research into this topic. In addition, the DGAO has set itself the task of supporting dental and medical organisations and institutions in public health care and collaborating with national and international professional associations. Hence, the DGAO forms the perfect platform for technical information and further education. Members are always given direct access to the latest aligner technology – analysed and evaluated by experts.

“As the first professional scientific association, the DGAO offers its members a non-proprietary forum for the increasingly more popular wireless orthodontics”, says General Secretary, Dr Joerg Schwarze. “As a member, I participate in continuous further education in this area and I document my expertise for patients and colleagues in the field of aligner orthodontics.“

The German Association for Aligner Orthodontics was founded in November 2007 and has its headquarters inStuttgart. Prof. Emeritus Rainer-Reginald Miethke (President), Dr Boris Sonnenberg (Vice President), Dr Joerg Schwarze (General Secretary), Prof. Gernot Goez, Dr Thomas Drechsler, Dr Julia Haubrich and Dr Werner Schupp form the Steering Committee of the DGAO. Its primary objective is to highlight and to make better known the advantages of orthodontic treatment with transparent plastic splints, as used for decades. This is achieved, among other methods, through the establishment and promotion of working groups for specific areas of research in the treatment with aligners, advanced education courses and symposia. The research results are published in specialist orthodontic journals and on the Internet site of the DGAO (

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