As in the past, the Sponsorship Award of the DGAO enjoys great acceptance in Germany and various other countries. As typical for many scientific projects, most of the applications arrive just at closing time. This year it were seven bids which covered a wide range of topics. Thus, problems to be investigated were material characteristics, mechanical aspects, and even psychological particularities. The broadness of subjects indicates distinctly how many questions in connection with aligner therapy are still pendent, though, we all use the many systems quite successfully since many years.

All submissions were anonymously and independently reviewed by three scientific experts. Surprisingly or just not, their evaluation tended to be quite similar. This becomes obviously by a standard deviation of ± 1,4 of the assigned rank orders.

All reviewers gave a project of a researcher group led by

Dr. Manuel Nienkemper, PhD and Dr. Kathrin Becker, PD, MSc

from the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf with the title

„Einfluss verschiedener Attachment-Geometrien auf die Eckzahnretraktion mittels Alignern – eine in-vitro Studie“ („Influence of different attachment geometries on the retraction of canines with aligners – an in vitro study”)

such a high ranking that it had be sponsored with 15.000 Euros.

Now, the DGAO board congratulates the award winners in written, though, the official (public) distinction will take place during the7th Scientific Congress for Aligner orthodontics.

As good as the remaining six projects were as much the Board of the DGAO regrets that they could not be sponsored with any price money. Yet, the Board encourages all researchers to apply again in two years for the sponsorship.

Never forget: Hope dies last.

Prof. em. Dr. Rainer-Reginald Miethke in the name of the Board of the DGAO

Winners 2022:

The complete press release:

bericht-foerderpreis-dgao-2022-de.pdf (German) (60kb)
report-foerderpreis-dgao-2022-en.pdf (German) (65kb)