The DGAO Congress is back!

The German Society for Aligner Orthodontics (DGAO) was one of the first scientific societies to hold a purely digital annual conference during the pandemic - appropriate and groundbreaking for digitally savvy aligner experts. Now that there are hardly any Corona requirements for events, the DGAO is planning its 7th Scientific Congress live in Cologne's Gürzenich again this autumn - but at the same time offers the opportunity to participate online: The DGAO Congress is back and will take place on September 18 . and November 19, 2022.

Under the title "ALIGNER ORTHODONTIE - from planning to the result", everything in the Gürzenich revolves around the opportunities and possibilities, but also the limits of aligner treatment for two days. The conference president, Dr. Julia Haubrich, has already won well-known speakers for this event. These include: Dr. Andrea Bazzucchi/Italy and Dr. David Couchat/France. In addition, the following have confirmed: Dr. Thomas Drechsler/ Germany, Dr. Soo-Jin Kim/South Korea, Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Krey and Prof. Dr. Bernd Lapatki/ Germany, Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene/Lithuania, Dr. PhD Gabriela La Valle/Argentina, DDr. Bärbel Reisenhofer/Austria, Dr. Werner Schupp and Dr. Jörg Schwarze/ Germany, Dr. Beatriz Solano/Spain, Dr. Boris Sonnenberg and Prof. Dr. Benedict Wilmes/Germany.

They will all ignite a firework of competence and knowledge that all interested parties can already look forward to. According to the current status, all speakers will be there live in Cologne.

Digital pre-conference, gala evening, exhibition

Purely digitally, on the other hand, the DGAO is planning the pre-conference on November 17, 2022. This will give the participants the opportunity to think about the topic in advance and get in the mood for the congress.

The now legendary gala evening on the first day of the congress is also back. In this regard, too, planning is already in full swing, and Prof. Dr. Rainer-Reginald Miethke, President of the DGAO, reveals today: "It will be a splendid evening!"

The new products that the dental industry has developed over the past two years should also shine. The accompanying exhibition, which can also be found in the Gürzenich, offers plenty of space for these innovations.

Registration possible from September

With a view to the development of the infection process, planning is currently being carried out on sight, registration will start after the summer break on September 15, 2022; The DGAO currently provides information on the congress via its website

All that remains now is to keep your fingers crossed – and reserve the date of the DGAO Congress in your calendar today.

The complete press release:

Save the Date – DGAO Congress 2022.pdf (German) (1,1 MB)
 Save the Date – DGAO Congress 2022.pdf (english) (1,2 MB)