Good day, because the 7th Scientific Congress for Aligner Orthodontics has ended,
which offers the opportunity for a brief review that is of particular interest to those
who did not participate in this event in person or digitally.

Although I'm getting close to self-praise and subjectivity, I would say
that (also) this congress was a success. This was primarily due to our participants, who
came in relatively large numbers. It was probably for her, but definitely for me, one
great pleasure to see familiar faces and friendly collegial conversations
to lead. If the familiar faces were a pleasure, so were the unfamiliar ones,
they are living proof that the club is growing. So once again everyone
Thanks to those present (including the digital ones) for their participation!

The international speakers with their substantial presentations contributed significantly to the success
at. What was particularly striking was that aligner treatments were increasingly being carried out in his own practice
be realized and that they start earlier and earlier (in the mixed dentition). So still
thanks to all the speakers for the knowledge gained!

The third contribution to success was an excellent, smooth organization, which everyone
allowed her undivided attention to be devoted to the Congress. At this point must
the industry partners should also be mentioned, who rounded off the picture with their presence.
All of them, too, may once again be assured of our gratitude.

The only drop of bitterness was the absence of our esteemed conference president,
dr Julia Haubrich, who had been struck down so badly by a virus (no, not that) that she,
hardly even digitally, was able to attend the congress that she prepared so much for
had used effort. Thanks to Asklepius', she's better now!

So the first part is over and we come to the second, the farewell. I have that
announced in my little opening speech, because after 15 years as President of your
society it was time to go. Gandhi is said to have said, "Be the change you are
you wish for this world.” Well, not immediately for the whole world, the small cosmos of the
German aligners are sufficient. Finally, one last thank you
exclamation mark. I would like to thank all members of the German Society for Aligners
Orthodontics for letting me represent you. In addition, I would like to thank all my friends in
Board of Directors of the company for a consistently fabulously harmonious cooperation!

In the current football era, a quote from Sepp Herberger in a modified version
Form: "After the congress is before the congress". November 22nd and 23rd, 2024 are waiting
already on all of us.

With collegial cordiality


Signature Rainer Reginald Miethke

Prof. Emeritus dr Rainer Reginald Miethke