DGAO Research Award 2018

The DGAO Research Award has meanwhile become firmly established in the orthodontic research community. This was more than confirmed by the large number of entries for the award in 2016, which went to the project group of Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Krey from the University Greifswald for the planned study "Biological reality of computer-planned tooth movement with aligners – a multi-centre, prospective study“.

With its decision of 17 November 2016, the Board has now modified the amount of prize money. As of 2018, there will be three prizes: 1st prize EUR 15,000, 2nd prize: EUR 7,500 and 3. prize EUR 5,000. This way DGAO would like to ensure that more entrants can enjoy the benefit of sponsorship.

Individuals and research groups can still submit entries until 30 June 2018 to compete for the DGAO Research Award. Awards will go to not yet published scientific studies and research projects in the field of aligner orthodontics. University employees as well as all certified dentists can apply - either as sole author or as research groups. Further information on the conditions of participation can be found here.

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